Ecommerce Analytics

We are desperate about making a smooth interaction between you and the audience. We help you in taking the steps in the same direction.

Big entities like Google have successfully created their monarchy by keeping customer behaviour data and analytics as their core. If you are thinking what must be the nucleus of their approach? A consumer-centric and a personalized experience is the key! But in order to create such an approach, you will need to understand your customers, their behaviour, their likes and dislike-thoroughly. And this is where e-commerce intervenes.

We at 1into2, drive our forces in the following areas in order to get a hold over the main aim of the client


Acquiring the Right Customers


Retaining these Customers


Exploring the Demand of Customers

We connect you with the mass that helps you to find the right source to connect you with the right audience! When we say that we do not want you to fall back when it comes to knowing your customers - we are damn affirmative!!

With the help of behavioural segmentation, you will be able to bifurcate different behavioural patterns of your customers and associate characteristics with these patterns. You can then analyze and find the most potential customers and make strategies based on the characteristics of those customers.  

Our team also is keenly interested in knowing how your brand is being perceived by the audience. With the help of consumer surveys, review of the website, communication through e-mail, we take into account the data required in order to analyze your impact on the target audience. Not only this we  even look after the different campaigns that are curated in order to keep a track on the benchmarks set. Optimizing such data helps in keeping an eye on the emerging developments and make a careful and clean move towards these developments. 

We help you get the most out of your data

Have a taste of these complimentary rewards that E-commerce Analytics provides. These services will enhance your data and you will have your target at your doorsteps. With the help of these services, you become data-driven and this helps in improving your sales.

Improved Customer Service

Demand forecasting

Product Optimization

Finding faulty merchants/customers

Head out to us and let us leverage your customers for you. We promise you guaranteed results!


Let's dig gold out of your data.

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