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Are you interested in bringing more consumers to a particular landing page? It is no surprise that in such cases, Google Ads is your sigh of relief! All you need is a guiding light and what are we here for? In order to curate a perfect craft, the team at 1into2 conducts intensive automation that helps to boost your sales. Our approach takes into account the following parameters in order to bring the best of you!

Our Approach

Research. Research. Research

Knowing everything about you- your story, your goals, your failures, your ethics.

Accurate Analysis

A historical analysis backed up with competitive data can be helpful in deciding your next move.

Keep an Eye on the Competitors

Recognize the strength and the weakness of the different players and knock them out.

Intrinsic Optimization

Evident improvements in ROI will be available due to planning, designing and implementing new strategies.

1into2 makes efforts to blend with you in a dynamic manner. We do not just dwell on promises but we are enthusiastic about getting pro-active revenue for you. We are not just ROI centric but we focus on understanding how and why a strategy works for a particular solution. Would you like to invest into a team that is obsessed with regressive analysis, pulling the right data and experimenting upon different solutions? We deliberately set strategies that will make your investment in GoogleAds knock off the competitors on a daily basis!

Feed Optimization

Bid Optimization

Examining Campaigns and ROAS

 Keyword Research

Conversion tracking

Campaign structuring

Structuring the account

Performance management


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