Google Analytics

From Impression to Sales, we help to shoot you up! 1into2 has always raised the bar for its clients and we wish to continue the legacy.


Do you wish to know your audience and segment them on the basis of location, gender, etc? Do you want to get a track of the conversions? Do you even wish for unmatched ROI? Google Analytics is your key (And 1into2 is your door!)

We know that you have to focus on other things like growing your business. Give us your baton, we will look upon the hard parts-consistently keeping your data in lieu of the hour of need. We are not just limiting ourselves to giving you the best data, but we focus upon giving you the right one. Google Analytics will help you to keep an eye on the online world and will be a guiding light while making decisions. 1into2 will help you make smarter decisions.

What We Do

Create a Google Analytics account

Campaign Tracking

Landing Page Optimization

Internal Site Tracking

Concrete Data Analysis

Evaluating Site Structure

Visitor Behavior Trend Analysis

Setting Up Custom Dimension and Metrics

Implementation of Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

Creating Reports

Google Analytics Troubleshooting

Integrating Analytics with 3rd party tools and offline business. 


Where do our consultancy and management team begin with? We call it Discovery and Research. We take a note on the most necessary part of your website and keep track of it - we don’t want to miss the important! Once we are set with this, implementation of these priorities is our next priority. What will be the use of a well-defined strategy, if your data is not up to the mark? Afterall no vehicle can run without fuel. So a proper setup of Google Analytics is necessary to get the right data. 1into2 channels this need in the right direction!


Optimization and Reporting

We know that you require data that gives you opportunities. Regular optimization by our team ensures that there are no hurdles during the implementation of Google Analytics. We also provide monthly reports so that you get an idea of how the current strategy has helped in improving the results, how continuing the same strategy might target future goals. Proper implementation of set up tools and goal tracking leads to receiving correct data and thus gives us an evident result!

High performance of your website? Checked.

Evident rise in results? Checked.

Satisfactory consumer experience? Double checked.

Raise your bar with us.

Our services are meant to set you apart from your competitors. You will have the spotlight on you!