eCommerce SEO

We’re good at generating revenue and would love to do that for you. We help you identify factors that accelerate your growth, increase organic traffic and put you in the spotlight.

Ecommerce SEO is all about increasing visibility, generating more traffic and boosting sales. It is a special category of SEO that deals with financial transactions of your products and services. Ecommerce SEO helps ensure the success of your online business.

Lower paid search cost

Create a lasting value

Increase relevant web traffic

Here's What We Can Do for You 

Creating Content

Content is an important part of any website that connects you with your target audience. It helps increase your organic traffic and rank higher on the search engines. We help you optimize not only your product page but also landing page, homepage and designing the entire course of a customer even after the conversion. 

  • Keyword research 
  • Multilingual SEO 
  • Meta description and relevant tags 
  • Content for product description 
  • Blogs, webpages 

Technical SEO Analysis

Putting an appealing content stuffed with all the right keywords may not do you much good if the other technical elements of the web page aren’t optimized optimally. We help you perform an SEO audit, determine the weak points and strengthen them with different strategies. We have in depth experience with Magento, Amazon shopping, Cdiscount and many more platforms.

  • Link building - Internal link structure and backlinking with other website pages 
  • Indexing 
  • Improving URL 
  • Enhancing the sitemap

Mending the Site Achitecture

Optimized website’s architecture ensures that a website is easily navigable and manages to convince the buyer through certain steps towards conversion. It is important for your products to be in clear, concise segregations with a ‘natural’, logical flow. 

  • Setting up a Marketing funnel 
  • Product page optimization
  • Increase Domain authority
  • Brand reputation Management
  • Email marketing

Generating Periodic Reports

All our strategies are driven by data and analytically focused. We tend to differ from most companies with our strategies and ensure to regularly monitor them. With the stiff competition around, we know your competitor’s pulse better than you and will help you beat them 

  • Detailed SEO reports 
  • Sales report 
  • CTR 
  • Campaign Reports 
  • Trend analysis

We thought you'd like to know 

39% of all global Ecommerce traffic comes from search

57% of marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative

14.6% conversion rate can be increased by SEO, if done right

Our team is filled with creative chefs who will study your business in detail, discuss the goals with you and design a tailored recipe for your path to prosperity. We make your business ours, focus on growth and would not hesitate in taking the extra step to generate more opportunities for you. 


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