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Our SEO services will help you gain visibility and effective search presence that will lead to considerable increase in sales, profitability, and cost efficiency

SEO helps people find you. When people look for a particular query or a product, it is integral for them to connect with relevant suppliers. In a way, SEO techniques help encrypt your website and its information in a way that is understood by search engines and in turn helps magnify your visibility, generate traffic and increase sales. At 1into2, the passionate digital marketing SEO technicians keep creating innovative strategies that help expand your digital presence. We are data-driven and performance-focused, allowing ‘us’ to keep a track of ‘our’ progress. We are the masters of affordable search engine services!

Here's what we do

As the digital era grows, word of mouth is no longer enough. We build trust in the digital world by having other relevant websites link to your page, establishing a higher authority. It also helps in establishing your brand identity and fostering mutually beneficial relations with others. 

Comprises all the tactics used in “SEO” but with a focus on online shopping stores. With different acknowledged tactics like keyword research, marketing funnel, enhanced site map and much more, we help you elevate your reach and increase customers that convert.

If the content on your page doesn’t meet the expectations of your visitors and provide value to them, the optimization of the website shall not matter. It involves creation and distribution of information over various media. Content is the blood that needs to be constantly purified and pumped into the ‘veins’ of a marketing campaign. 

There are several different technical SEO audits that you can perform to facilitate a quick and smooth crawling and indexing of your website. From page elements, HTTP header responses, Xml sitemaps, metadata and much more, we help you identify and configure them all. You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. 


High Quality Backlinks built last year


Organic traffic compared to previous year


or more on pagespeed insights


or more keywords of a website ranking on page 1 of Search engines

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Audit will act like a jetpack to lift you up from the grounds to the top of the search engine. With this, we help you analyze your current strategy in detail,  identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to help you grow. 1into2 is that professional SEO services company which makes use of the best tools in the SEO industry and makes a custom report for you. 

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