Content Marketing Mistakes that you must divert from

  • October 17, 2020
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You know that your lead generation channel is incompetent and incomplete without efficient content. And creating content is damn easy. Just write some 1500 words, add a couple of keywords here and there and keep on posting it on every platform available, right?

Wrong. Most of us have been taught this process. Most of us, knowingly or unknowingly, are still following the content marketing mistakes that we should avoid. None of the content writing practices will work if you make the same mistakes. 

Did you know that reaching your target audience is becoming tougher day by day with the field of content marketing becoming wider every single minute? This might lead to low traffic, low revenue or even worse, the downfall of your company!


Writing content and efficient content marketing is the gift of the gab. Why? Because it brings traffic. So? Well, content marketing gets 6x higher conversion rates than any other methods.

All of us are well aware of the prominent benefits that content writing and content marketing brings to our business. We don’t just write content because Google likes it but we write it because it drives more sales and it is more beneficial than traditional marketing. What we are unaware of, is the traditional content practices that might be wrong.

Look at some common mistakes that we have all made during our writing practices:

70% of people would rather learn to get information about a company or learn something from an article or blog post rather than from a traditional advertisement. 

Since you have already read about the reasons for failure and some common mistakes of content marketing, we are here to talk about some mistakes that you should definitely skip:

Not keeping enough content through the entire Sales Funnel

Step-by-step content flow is necessary to keep your audience engaged from the beginning to the end of the sales funnel. You don’t get the audience through an attractive post and expect them to turn to a qualified lead. This will create a chaotic impression of your brand!

Remember not to skip any of the channels of the entire funnel. Your goal here is to engage them to make the purchase. Skipping a channel will be equivalent to losing an audience. So, here is what you can use for each of the stages

The goal should be to serve your users and adapt them to your sales funnel through engaging content which can mark a check against word-of-mouth marketing.

Not Keep an eye on your KPI

Before implementing any strategy it is necessary that you decide your key performing indicators. Say, your goal is to get maximum leads through social media. Here your KPI can be social media metrics like insights, reshare, reach. Focus on your KPI otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain!

Imagine your boss assigning a task to you which you complete before the deadline and a fortnight has passed since then and yet there is no news about the outcomes of your task. Feels bad, right?

Make sure you do not repeat this. One of the easiest ways to bring the audience to you is to give them what they like. If you skip reviewing the performance of your content you won’t know whether it is working or not. 

Your key performance indicators will help in creating valuable content and hence you must never skip it. 

Letting only the trendy topics be your vogue

Have you ever wondered why Wikipedia is our go-to option for anything to learn about? That’s the magic of evergreen content! 

In simple terms, create something that will remain relevant, bring traffic or get the limelight, five years down the lane. – That’s Evergreen content!

Fetching and updating about the viral topics is necessary but that should not be your only focus. 

Do not write about each and every topic. In order to bring more audience to your content, you need to focus on trendy topics that are evergreen. Read that again. 

Viral topics will only give a short boost to your traffic. If you are planning to rule over the content marketing world, start diverting towards evergreen content as well!

Failing to move shoulder to shoulder with the competitors

Whenever you talk about your audience, you always need to keep your competitors in mind. Your audience is the easy target for your competitors. Plan your strategies in such a manner that your audience knows that only you are the best!

The best example here can be Nokia. While other companies focused on software, Nokia chose to ignore it and had a major downfall. Nokia did not intend to bring a drastic change in the user experience. Other companies looked at this as an opportunity. And that’s when Nokia had a major downfall.

Just to avoid disturbing the user experience, Nokia had a major crisis. That’s where you have to learn your lesson of keeping in mind the upcoming competitive trends and not neglect it.

Not knowing your limits

Do you remember the Ogilvy India campaign that showed an animated Malala Yousafza and falling on to a Kurl-on mattress?

The campaign failed miserably because not only did it sound wrong but it was unsuitable for any kind of marketing. 

Before you reach to the audience make sure that you don’t force your objective on your audience. It might turn to a big failure! 

Creating awareness about your brand and making the audience engaged is necessary but you should learn about your audience, the culture of the audience along with their ideologies. 


These are some of the mistakes that we advise you to avoid. If you really wish to bring the right audience to you and build a long term relationship with the audience, you definitely need to avoid these mistakes!

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