• June 27, 2020
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Live videos, Informational videos, BTS videos, User-generated videos, Tutorial videos… Are all of these video strategies performing efficiently? Or is it time to rethink your video strategy? With a varied number of options available, it becomes a bit difficult to evaluate the starting point. It becomes necessary to keep ourselves updated so that we keep our audiences engaged. And to do so, what can be a better platform other than social media? As we already know, the most effective way to keep the users active is with the help of videos. So, I am sharing 3 surprising strategies that you should definitely consider. 

Before I begin with the strategies, I would like you to know why does the audience loves social videos? 

Studies show that an average viewer sustains 95% of the message when they watch it, while it is 10% if they read it. 

We, as humans, tend to avoid cognitive strain and hence we automatically consume video knowledge as a reaction to our mental laziness. Also, the “Play” button is irresistible. You cannot avoid it. Our minds have been hardwired by social media in such a manner that it becomes nearly difficult to avoid a video. 

Before I begin with some tactics that can really be helpful let me give a basic idea of Video marketing to the newbies. If you are new to the digital field and you are clueless about where to begin with,  the below mentioned should be your basic approach. 

  1. Know your audience – Your marketing funnel ( should be designed in such a manner that it gives you a clear idea of your audience. Your main aim is audience engagement and in order to keep them engaged, you should learn their preferences. 
  2. Types of Video content – Narrative videos, brand videos, Live videos, Event videos, are some of the main types of videos. Once you know the preference of your audience, you can create your content with some of these types.
  3. Planning is the key – Every action of your video should be well planned. Based on the preference you can select the time limit of your video, your target audience, your content. Monitoring these results can help you plan your future strategies.
  4. Outsourcing the production strategy – In order to lure customers, you have to come out with the most creative skills. In order to do so, you can also outsource your video production to professionals and gain the audience conversion.

Now, that you already know the foundations, let me brief you with some strategies that will eventually get you closer to your target (audience engagement + audience conversion). The factors may vary according to your objective, target preference but a committed implementation of these strategies will bring you under the limelight. We promise you that!

Video Marketing trends in 2020

Create healthy competition with the help of giveaways

Since social media is filled with different sorts of challenges – you can create your own! Say you are a brand curating hand-made interior furniture and decor. You can showcase a video on 3 products (it’s detailed information) and challenge the audience to recreate their living room with the help of any of these 3 products. The winners shall get a discount coupon for their next buy. Such types of challenges can encourage participants. You can even create a “clickbait” wherein the audience can go to your website to complete their remaining challenge. 

For example, Forever21 conducted a giveaway on Instagram for its LA Gear Collection for three lucky winners wherein the audience had to name a movie from the 80’s that they love and tag @forever21 and @lagear. 

Creating videos with inclusive content

You already know about the traditional types of content – they have been under the radar for a long time. But these traditional sources do not give the result on the present day, as they used to, once upon a time. For example, linking to Facebook externally does not give the organic audience reach in the same manner that it used to. How about leveraging ourselves to the below-mentioned types of content? 

  • Animation – to creatively communicate your message. 
  • 360-degree videos and photos, tend to interact with the perspective of the audience. 

Say a motocross bike user uses 360-degree video experience to share his experience about riding the XYZ bike for promoting the XYZ bike. This can create a virtual experience for the viewer which can create more impact on the viewer. 

Optimize video services for voice search

Voice search has become the future of the Digital world. The transition from manual writing to “QWERTY” writing to SEO writing has flared up. And what’s next? Voice search! With Siri and Alexa already gambling upon this world, it becomes necessary to make a space in the field of voice search.

In order to get an efficient voice search results, make sure that you initiate a conversational query in a video. For example, How to improve SEO ranking? How to plan your content? And use these as your title for the video. Do not forget to give direct answers. Long and chaotic answers are a big NO. Also, your local presence creates a different impact on voice search results.

To put it simpler words, an update on Youtube in March’19 makes Youtube smarter by immediately playing the video once you enter your query with the help of the voice search.

Video-marketing across multi-channel

An effective approach to video marketing by providing more variety. With a multichannel approach, you must keep in mind the different channel of sales such as:

  • Direct sales
  • Sales through Retailer
  • Sales through Agent
  • Sales through Wholesaler

A modern approach will thus give a unique experience to your customers. It offers more options to your customer to explore to and such an experience can lead to satisfactory consumer experience and could lead to a more generous addition to the value of your brand.

For example, Mercedes-Benz has a cross-selling strategy that includes digital and social media channels with the help it’s online community named “Generation Benz”

How about soundless videos?

No, we are not trying to take you back to the era of 1900s but it can come out as a perfect tool if your viewer is watching your ad or your video in public. Your objects used will thus implement the “show” effect rather than the “tell” effect.  A good amount of complex ideas can be communicated by creating a shared understanding. The increased visual intensity increases the amount of impact of your video on the audience. 

5-minutes craft is a page on Facebook that publishes explainer craft videos with the help of household items. 

Apart from this, using animation and by establishing a quick connection with the audience within the first 10 seconds. To get more attention you can even include flashy transitions. Keeping the title on display during the entire duration of your video can help retain the engagement rate. 

The future of marketing lies in video marketing. You can win over the hearts of the audience with the help of proper implementation of the above-mentioned strategies. Using these strategies will lead to audience engagement and give you the rewards you wish to claim!

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