4 Platforms to advertise apart from the Mainstream Platforms

  • September 5, 2020
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As an entrepreneur, you desire to expand your reach, increase your engagement, and boost your revenue. All of these can only be done with the help of strategic well-planned marketing and trust me – marketing is not a piece of cake.

In order to excel with the right marketing strategy, you need to make PPC Campaigns your friend. We know that brand awareness can be increased by up to 80% through Google paid ads. And a well planned PPC campaign can bring everything that a marketer desires – clicks, conversions, leads and it has a higher probability of customer retention. 

When we decided to opt for PPC campaigns and started a dedicated research on it, we were caught between two stools. All we could think about was where should we begin with, which can be the right platform for us?

We did not want to limit ourselves to just Google and Facebook and finding other platforms to advertise upon was a tough nut to crack. Ultimately, we had our last laugh and 1into2 is here to share some platforms that you should try advertising upon.

People who visit your website via a paid marketing ad are 50% more likely to buy your product than that of those people who visit via an organic link. That’s because it reaches the right audience. Scroll to know which platforms must you invade upon.


While the 229 million active users on Snapchat are obsessed with Snapchat because of its filters, face swap, augmented reality, and more, you can opt to use this app for your business. 

If your target audience ages from 18 to 30, you must hold all your aces over Snapchat. If you wish to bring in sales and increase your brand awareness, Snapchat is where you must capitalize. 

You can choose from the three different ad formats on Snapchat:

 Snap ads – Appears to the widest range of audience and comes in video format

 Lenses – These ads display when a user clicks a picture on the app. These ads are meant for huge live events.

Filters – These are used for brand awareness campaigns and display while clicking photos

 Read https://1into2.com/strike-the-shot-with-snapchat-ads/ to know more about these formats and how to expand your business on Snapchat.


You might have considered the radio as a marketing approach but you might have never thought about Spotify as an upcoming platform. Spotify is the most popular audio streaming service. 

Day in, Day out; Spotify’s Audio Everywhere is designed to help the brands reach their target audiences wherever they are and no matter which device they are using. It reaches the places where visual media cannot reach and makes the most of the “screenless moments”.

Spotify had 286 million active monthly users as per its Q1 report in 2020. And Spotify has an organized and simple advertising process. You can choose from audios, videos, display ads, or even a customized playlist to display your ad! 

Audios – Gives a sound aspect and an image aspect along with a CTA that leads to your website. It can reach your audience anywhere and has a maximum time limit of 30 seconds.

Videos – The Sponsored Sessions (Type of video ad) gives users 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening in exchange for watching the ad. While Video Takeover (Another type of video ad) is played in between the songs along with the audio and visual components

Display – These ads will remain on the screen until the user engages with the ad or click X or click any other place on the app within 30 seconds. The Homepage Takeover Display ad is limited only to desktop, while Leaderboard Display ad is displayed either on desktop or mobile.

Be it a startup or any product from the automobile industry, you have a wide range of products to advertise on Spotify. This opportunity to display ads provides more possibilities to create brand awareness for Spotify listeners. So, use this opportunity to create the best ads for you!


If you are thinking about investing on a platform that is much cheaper, has low funnel traffic with a highly engaging audience, and wildly specific targeting, you must add your teeth to Reddit.

Reddit is an unpopular marketing hub. It provides campaigns that maximize ad performance. It also has a mobile app that has developed their Promoted Posts. The data improvements help you get the accurate result of your Reddit Ads. Seems like a beneficial platform to try – doesn’t it?

Depending on your campaign objective Reddit’s ad algorithm will optimize your impression and reach the audience that are most likely to turn into a qualified lead, based on their interests and behaviour along with the past interactions on the platform.

You can opt to display your ads to users with some specific interests, demographics, and locations. It can be displayed to certain Reddit communities or “Subrredits”. So, choose the right fit for your business and go for it!


Have a question? Google it and you will find a Quora link attached to your answer. Quora has become the most popular Q&A site wherein people spend a lot of time on asking, answering, and reading questions. 

With 300 million monthly active users, it has a simple process of making ad campaigns. These ads will be displayed below the question and answers so there is a higher chance of visibility to the target audience. Primary Targeting is the best option to select the location for your ad. 

The essential part of Quora Ads is its tracking pixel that allows track conversions and creates audiences based on website activity. You can even retarget to audiences that have recently visited your site. This makes Quora a simple and helpful platform to display your ads. 

We also have a bonus suggestion just for you.


If you are a B2B space keenly looking for traffic, customers, and leads; you must not miss out on LinkedIn Ads. It does not limit to SEM, display buying, or mainstream social advertising. 

LinkedIn has optimized its targeting options so that the marketers can actually come in contact with the professionals. If you have brand awareness, website visits, website conversions, or engagement as your goal you can opt for LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has a few types of ad formats that you can try:

Sidebar ads – These are displayed on the sidebar with small text and a single square picture. 

Sponsored feed – These ads appear on LinkedIn feed and are a type of sponsored content.

Sponsored InMail – With this, you can target very specific audiences and use its private messaging service. 

No doubt, LinkedIn is the best platform for securing audience engagement. Getting leads with the help of LinkedIn could be a slam dunk for you and it might help you earn the credits that you have dreamt about! So, try it right away.


Apart from the mainstream platforms, you should definitely set your sights on these platforms. The number of investors investing upon these platforms is less as compared to the mainstream platforms but these platforms have a wide range of audiences. While setting your foot on the mainstream platforms becomes necessary, exploring these new platforms will definitely bring you the desired results! 1into2 recommends you to try these platforms right away!

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