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  • August 29, 2020
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Cold calling seems to be on the verge of extinction these days. For a person involved with sales, the most frustrating task is cold calling. Nurturing the leads is one the most important parts of a sales process. Nurturing leads is like having a big fish in the small pool! Cold prospects are hard to convince and qualified leads aren’t easy to come by. And hence warm prospects are an easy attraction. But what’s the difference between these three?

Just imagine that you are a publication house named XYZ Publications. Eva is your cold prospect, Era is your qualified lead and Ema your warm prospect. How?

Eva who finished writing her book and is looking for a publication house is your cold prospect because Eva has no idea about XYZ Publications nor has Eva shown any behavioural interest in this company. Contacting Eva will be totally unexpected.  While Era is a teen writing a novel who is quite active on social media and has been consistently following XYZ Publications’ activities on Instagram and Facebook. Era is a potential lead and if contacted will be willing and receptive. 

Warm Prospect

A Warm Prospect lies in between these two types – has an idea about your company, has shown some degree of interest but somehow is waiting for a push before they invest into the company. 

Ema had seen XYZ Publications’ brochure while she had visited another writer’s office for a few suggestions for her novel. She did even check your website. And has been keeping a check on your social media accounts. 

It is evident that Ema has an idea about your company but is still dubious about turning to a lead. She has more idea about the company than Eva has but lacks the commitment that Era has. 

Now, where do you think you should invest? On a cold prospect who has no idea about your existence or on a warm prospect who is merely looking for a push? Hence, it becomes necessary for the sales team to find such warm prospects and work upon strategies to turn them to qualified leads. Want to learn more? Read below.

What are the fruits of investing in a Warm Prospect?

Higher and Higher Sales

Ofcourse! With the help of prominent strategies, get these warm prospects converted into qualified leads. These are the customers who are in dire need of your products and service. With the help of consumer variable data, you will target such customers. Not only are you saving yourselves from the efforts to make the customer aware about your company, but you are saving some money too! Two marks with one stone!! 

Customization – Making the targets feel privileged!

You can even opt for customizing the strategies that you use in order to give a personalized touch to the reciepents! This will add a label of a brand and enhance the process of the entire sales funnel. 

Apart from standing out from the competitors, customization also helps in getting new insights for the products. You can save this information and offer products and services that are adapted to the taste and preferences of the customers. 

Saves time and less chances of misinterpretation

A warm prospect will save your time by not having to introduce who you are or what is your field or why should anyone invest in your company. These are the people who have an idea about your existence and your value in the market.

With warm prospects, you know what you want to say or you have the right information with you so there are lesser chances of misinterpretation.So, you have got your penny saved, now gear up to pursue these warm prospects. 

How to pursue these warm prospects ?

Since a warm prospect is already aware about your existence you do not have to divert all your time to introduce yourselves. You can just invest all your energies into maintaining a relationship with these warm prospects! How? Scroll.

Write a blog. And keep on writing. 

Updating your viewers with some useful content and promoting it on various social media platforms will bring more such warm prospects to you.This will initiate a conversation with the prospects and also automatically the SEO for your website. 

You are 4.2X more likely to get an appointment, if you have a personal connection with a buyer. And such methods will help you get an opinion of your audiences. It will help them to evaluate that you have some valuable insights to them.

Cross promotions and Referrals

Customer referrals is the most loyal method to gain the trust of the customers. It creates trustworthy business-to-business leads. In fact, referred customers can be good leads that stay for a long time in your business rather than other customers. 

You can even try cross promotions! It will bring to you the audience that has a high im=nterest for your product and your service. The cost for your entire strategy will be lesser and it would be a win-win for both the parties!

Webinars – The new normal

Executive events and webinars where you can directly have a one-to-one conversation with the prospect is the most suitable way to have a conversation with the prospect. With the digitalized age such traditional approaches are being overlooked.

Webinars have become a savior for many during such times of pandemic. Already back in 2019, 73% of the marketers had already started conducting webinars of which 57% had decided to continue conducting webinars in order to create brand awareness. 

In March 2020, this number has increased by 330%. Just decide upon which type of webinar you want to conduct – Educational webinar, Viewer-driven webinar or Sales webinar and just go for it! 

These are some effective methods. Apart from these you can even look for some other traditional methods like e-mail. 

Final Thoughts:

1into2 suggests you to put maximum efforts in building a strong strategy for these warm prospects. These warm prospects are your leads-to-be. So, start working upon these warm prospects, and thank us later!

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