The Complete Guide to the Best Email Marketing in 2024

  • May 9, 2024
best email marketing

It may sound old-fashioned, but email marketing is still one of the best tools a marketer can use. If you do it right, email marketing can help you connect with your customers, make friends, and eventually sell more. In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know about the best email marketing in 2024, from the basics to the newest trends.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is using email to get in touch with people, both new and old. Emails can be used to:

  • Promote products and services: Tell your audience about exciting new products, sales, or features that will help them.
  • Build relationships: To build trust and keep leads interested, give them useful material like industry insights, tips, or special deals.
  • Drive website traffic: Send people to blog posts that are full of useful information, product pages, or landing pages with deals.
  • Increase brand awareness: Show off your brand’s personality, beliefs, and expertise to keep your target audience’s attention.
  • Boost customer engagement: Use polls, surveys, or personalized suggestions to get people involved.

Key Benefits of using email marketing:

  • Targeted reach: You can send emails to particular groups of your audience based on their interests or needs.
  • Cost-effective: It is very cheap compared to other ways to sell.
  • Measurable results: The open and click-through rates of your email ads are easy to keep track of, so you can see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Builds relationships: With email marketing, you can talk to your customers directly, which can help you gain their trust and confidence.

Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

It’s important to pick the right email marketing tool for success. There are both paid and free choices here, but these are some of the best for small businesses in 2024:

  • Mailchimp: It is a simple platform that offers a free subscription that lets you send 12,000 emails per month and manage up to 2,000 subscribers. Mailchimp has simple marketing automation tools, drag-and-drop email building, and pre-designed templates. As your business grows, paid plans let you use more advanced tools, like segmentation and analytics.
  • Constant Contact: Another popular choice is known for being simple to use and having great customer service. With the free plan, you can send 3,600 emails a month and handle up to 200 subscribers. Paid plans include online surveys, email automation workflows, and thorough reports.
  • MailerLite: This is a great choice for companies that are trying to save money. Their free plan lets you send 12,000 emails a month and handle up to 1,000 subscribers. Even though the free plan has some restrictions, it does offer good basic features such as email templates, the ability to make landing pages and basic data.
  • GetResponse: A complete email marketing tool that does more than send emails. GetResponse helps you do things like create landing pages, run webinars, and automate marketing workflows. GetResponse doesn’t have a free plan, but you can try it out for free for 30 days to see if it meets your needs.
  • ConvertKit: Designed especially for creators and bloggers. ConvertKit has tools like landing pages, forms, and tags that can help you organize your email list better.

Best Free Email Marketing Software

Although paid plans come with more features, there are a few free email marketing tools that can help businesses with small user lists get started:

  • Zoho Campaigns: Zoho’s free plan allows you to manage up to 2,000 users and send up to 5,000 emails a month. With Zoho Campaigns, you can automate basic emails, use pre-made forms, and create good reports.
  • SendinBlue: It’s free to use SendinBlue and handle up to 300 subscribers. Each month, you can send 9,000 emails. It has tools for making emails, simple segmentation options, and a few marketing automation features. But keep in mind that emails from the free plan will have the SendinBlue logo at the bottom of the page.
  • Mail Sender: Russian email service offers a free service that helps you send emails to up to 2,000 people at once. Mail Sender is a simple choice, but keep in mind that because it comes from Russia, it might not be the best for building professional brand connections.

B2B Email Marketing Services

Selling to other businesses (B2B) needs a more targeted method than selling to consumers (C2C). Here are some well-known B2B email marketing services:

  • HubSpot: HubSpot is a strong marketing automation tool with strong email marketing features. It has tools for nurturing leads, marketing tools based on accounts, and thorough analytics to track campaign performance. HubSpot doesn’t have a free plan, but it does offer different price options based on your business’s needs.
  • Pardot by Salesforce: A top-notch marketing automation tool made just for B2B marketing. Pardot has advanced features like lead scoring, emails with dynamic content, and easy integration with other Salesforce tools.


Email marketing is an effective way to reach many business objectives. Using the advice in this guide, you can create the best email marketing campaigns that will help you connect with your customers, make friends, and improve your business.


What is the most effective email marketing campaign strategy?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, but campaigns that are personalized and specifically target people tend to do the best. Divide your audience into groups based on what they like or how they act, and then write words that will connect with each group. Also, don’t just sell to your customers; give them something of value as well.

What are the best email marketing analytics tools?

Most email marketing tools have analytics built right in. These tools keep track of read rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribers. For even more information, popular picks often work with analytics tools like Google Analytics.

What is one of the benefits of using templates for your email marketing campaign?

You can save time and work by using email templates. They give you a layout that’s already been made, and you can change it by adding your own text, pictures, and logo. It keeps your brand consistent across all of your email ads, so you can focus on writing the message instead of the design.

Can I do email marketing for free?

You can get a limited-time free plan for some email marketing tools. In most cases, these only let you send a certain number of emails per month and handle a small list of subscribers. But as your needs grow, you’ll probably need to switch to a paid plan with more options.

Is email marketing good for beginners?

Yes, it is a good way to start. It doesn’t cost much and lets you talk to people directly. Email is a great way to stay in touch, share news, and even make sales. Anyone can learn how to use this strong tool.

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