YouTube Ads 2021: Features that will help you hold all the aces

  • December 5, 2020
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Did you know that YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide? And if you are a marketer, you cannot simply underestimate the vast target market that this social giant provides. 

If you want to target the second-most visited site after Google, you do not need an ace in the hole. You simply need to understand the different types of YouTube ad formats. 

YouTube video ad is one of the easiest ways to be under the sun and boost the sales of your brand. With a constant rise in the number of viewers, this platform should be the one you need to explore right away to generate a good amount of YouTube ad revenues.

If you are trying your hands for the first time on YouTube ads or if you have already given it a shot and have taken the back seat – hold on. You need to know the upcoming ad features and YouTube trends. No compromises here. 

1into2 is here with a list of upcoming ad features in YouTube that might become the big cheese for you. 

Audio Ads

Since many users use YouTube as a music and podcast player, YouTube has recently launched audio-based ads. This feature was added by keeping in mind the music channels but this in general targets a large number of other types of audience as well. 

Whom can you target with audio ads?

  • More than 50% of the logged-in viewers consume music content. Kudos to the pandemic that now entire music festivals are being organised. Hence, they are meant to be your first target.
  • Your next target should be ASMR fans. ASMR stands for an autonomous sensory meridian response. Adapting an ASMR trend to your brand will build a positive feeling about your brand and isn’t that your aim?

Look at an example for ASMR: 

Pringles always makes use of rhythmic tapping, crunching and popping sounds in their ads. The inculcation of this ASRM trend has resulted in these sounds becoming their brand identity. 

So, you must first try to introduce yourself to the audio ads and reach out to a larger audience.

Bumper ads

Well, you have to hold a grip over the most underestimated ad format on YouTube ads – Bumper ads. It isn’t that bumper ads were introduced yesterday but yet this format has always been underused. 

These six-second non-skippable ads have created wonders by reaching out to a large number of audience. You can either use it as an individual ad campaign or you can even use a combination of Bumper ads and TrueView ads (an ad platform that gives viewers and advertisers similar choices based on their desired experience).

Why should you use Bumper ads?

  • These ads are cheaper than the other ads.
  • Can increase your reach.
  • The attached short message can actually draw more attention to your brand. 

Try-on AR

Do you remember how MAC launched the try-on campaign for its users? The real-time results generated from the try-on campaign helped them understand the likes and dislikes of their customers. 

Augmented Reality is the diamond of the marketing industry. And brands have started using the try-on feature for their ads in order to reach towards their target audience. 

This feature is a must-try for brands who have established themselves on eCommerce platforms. It enhances your user experience and increases engagement and interaction. Your motive of innovation can easily reach the audience through AR try-on. Adapting to AR try-on helps a brand to understand its customers in a better way. Let us give you an example.

MAC had offered virtual try-on of different lipstick shades to viewers as the viewers watched tutorials and product reviews. This resulted in 30% of viewers activating their AR experience which led to an average of 80 seconds of time virtually spent in sampling different lipstick shades. 

The MAC try-on tool was introduced with a shop button which led users to make a direct purchase. 

This experience was introduced to the audience to amplify the in-store and at-home experiment. It was done merely to increase sales and seek the attention of the audience. And it definitely boomed the confidence of the audience in the brand. 

Video Remarketing

Have you realised that when you visit a website on Google, you immediately start seeing its ad on YouTube and other platforms as well? Basically, that’s remarketing. 

It is not just the most effective targeting method but it is also less explored one. This strategy has been implemented by giants only. It is the right time that even your business should look after remarketing. 

You have a clear lead when you opt for video remarketing. This lead has a higher chance of getting converted rather than reaching out to someone who has never heard about you. What matters at this stage is the effectiveness and you must leave no stone unturned for that.

You can even segment your target on the basis of:

  • Channel visitors
  • Likes/dislikes on videos
  • Comments on videos
  • Subscription to a channel 
  • Shares of videos
  • Viewers of videos

Why should you use it?

  • Consistency: 

YouTube remarketing ads enables the advertisers to target the audience who already are aware of the brand so they consistently capture the viewer’s attention and make it easier to drive clicks and conversions.

  • Improved ROI:  

Since you are targeting those who are more likely and ready to act, the probability of converting them rises and eventually an impeccable improvement in your ROI. 

  • Improved reach: 

You can reach people who are active on multiple devices and you won’t be just limited to the web. You can leverage the best platforms that are used by mobile devices and tablets, apart from the web. 

  • Improved conversion rate: 

Remarketing will improve your conversion rate. Since it constantly reminds the prospect about your brand, the chances of them taking actions improve at a higher rate. Kimberly – Clark noticed a 50 to 60% conversion rate to those who were approached via remarketing ads.

You can access these benefits anytime. All you have to is use the above-mentioned targeting settings for your campaign. Go to Tools Menu, then to the Shared library and then select Audience Manager to manage your targeting list. 

Some latest update for you: 

YouTube has now announced that YouTube will start displaying ads in all kinds of videos. Earlier YouTube used to only show ads to those videos whose creators had partnered themselves with the YouTube Partner Program. These creators used to earn money in return for the ads.

Now the tables have turned. YouTube will also show ads on each and every video. Those who haven’t partnered themselves won’t get any money in return. 

This shows how the graph of ads being displayed on YouTube will be upright always. With this update, advertisers will be able to reach a larger number of audience.


You can use these features for advertising on YouTube for next year. These features will boost your reach and improve your brand awareness. Make your presence on this giant platform with the right features and accelerate your graph of growth.

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