Stop doing this for your eCommerce platform during the Christmas sale!

  • November 28, 2020
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Christmas – It is not just the time about jingling bells and singing carols with freshly baked cookies in hand. It is the perfect time for any business to have a hotshot with sales and revenue.

 All the eCommerce businesses pull out all the stops to generate some record-breaking sales. While 2020 failed to deliver the ever-increasing expectations of clients of renowned brands, eCommerce has not lost its charm.

eCommerce will take up to 22% of global retail sales by 2023 and 21.8% of the worldwide population shops online. 

And as a result, the entrepreneurs are constantly stressed about making up to holiday sales. With the constant rise in eCommerce sales despite the pandemic, entrepreneurs are looking to put their best foot forward to market their brand during the holiday sale!

But during this race, many entrepreneurs are making a spectacle of themselves.  While the motive is to upscale the sales, yet many brands make mistakes while selling their products on eCommerce platforms during Christmas.

You can guide yourself through various articles on tips for selling on eCommerce platforms during Christmas sales. But this is an article on what you should NOT do during the holiday sale. Scroll to learn about these mistakes!

Drive-in through the road of promotions. But don’t keep blinking on discounts only

No doubt, offering discounts will bring more traffic to your brand and might scale up your holiday sales. But a total dependence on only discounts may lead you in trouble, especially during the holiday sale. 

Although using discounts as a promotional tool can increase sales, it can have a strong impact on the customer churning rate. How many times do we as customers go back to the brand that had initially offered a discount? Just a few!

That’s the thing – as the discount increases, so will the customer churning rate. What else can you offer to your customers then?

Overlooking eCommerce trends can be a sin

The only way to keep the competitors out of sight is by forming all your strategies around the upcoming eCommerce trends. There has been a constant rise in the advertising rate and the competition is getting wider day-by-day.

If you are determined about making a deal for your brand through the sale of 2020 and if you skip to include the eCommerce trends there is a snowball’s chance in hell for you to succeed. 

But which are the trends you can include?

You can try any of these eCommerce trends:

  • Voice Search
  • Chatbots
  • More payment methods
  • Personalized experiences

Basically, trends make you a part of the future of eCommerce. If you are willing to sustain in the world of eCommerce, you should definitely knock the doors of the upcoming trends. 

Failing to create a quench of urgency

The best way to increase your conversions and sales is by creating a FOMO. This sense of urgency in your marketing creates anxiety amongst the audience. 

If you fail to show to the audience that your product will not be available in the future you might have to pack your bags because only a sense of urgency will get you the traffic you dream of. 

If you are thinking about what can happen if you create a sense of urgency, let me tell you – Your audience will take a quick action to make the purchase. And if you are willing to create a sense of urgency use the following tactics:

  • Free delivery for “limited period”
  • Offer ends in clock
  • Offer today-only deals
  • Display number of sales to show the popularity
  • Last chance sales

Do not cut back on PPC 

What’s wrong with this? Read it again. 

Still, got no clue? Check “seafood” and “Best”. A spelling error!

Let’s admit it – Investing in PPC without good research can cost anyone a fortune. Spelling errors, intent matters, are few of the common errors. 

 A good landing page or an establishment of your brand on an eCommerce platform is not enough. You have to make a deal with PPC. 

You should save yourself from getting carried away by the number of leads that any campaign can bring to you. Remember to focus on the number of sales, otherwise, the cost of your campaign might go over-the-line. 

So where should you focus upon?

Well, you can begin by focusing on keywords. After all, what would be the point of your ad campaign if it does not reach the target audience?? And do not fail to deliver the same intent as your ad campaign, on the landing page. Otherwise, your efforts will go in vain. 

Have an eye on the following:

  • Repeated Customers
  • Recent Visitors
  • High-value customers

You can also use Google Analytics to expand the audience targeting or keep an overview of the conversion tracking. 

Ghastly mobile experience 

Although, giving a smooth mobile experience is a necessity yet many brands fail to deliver a smooth experience. In some cases, the product images overlap the product description and in some, even the main page is not mobile responsive. 

Gone are the days where the customers would look for a deal online and then buy through the physical store. Nowadays, even if your site takes more than a few seconds to load, you will lose customers. 

Apart from the speedy loading of your site, implements strategies that take into account the upcoming trends like AR, Instant Checkouts, Chatbots and of course, social media!

Final words

Are you ready to fill your Ho Ho Ho season with the target you have decided to achieve through the eCommerce platforms? Avoid committing the above-mentioned mistakes and you will have a profitable holiday sale for sure!

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