• June 13, 2020
Google ads

Google Ads gives a plethora of metrics to keep an eye upon. The number of tabs and sections that it provides creates a web wherein getting trapped and confused is the most obvious tendency. But you cannot give up. Why?  Because the entire search advertising network is governed by Google Ads.

The amount of sales is directly proportionate to the number of clicks you get. But spending hours on Ads and making a minimal profit out of it is of no use. Hence, here are a few tricks you can use to make the most out of Adwords.  


We already know that keeping a balance of low-volume and high-volume keywords is necessary. We need maximum conversions and this is only possible if you use relevant keywords. Otherwise, you will end up spending more. Your keywords should be such that it matches the user’s search query. You can even explore your competitor’s keywords and keep an eye to know the rate of impact. Google Ads keyword planner is the perfect research tool that helps you know the prominent impact of the keyword on your audience. 

Apart from Google Suggests, you can take help of “Larry’s Priority” in order to prioritize keywords. What’s that? Well, it’s a formula in which you take the number of searches of a keyword of a month, multiply by the suggested bit and divide it with the competition level on that keyword.  (The Keyword Planner does not provide you with “competition level” unless you export the plan into a CSV.) 

Also, multi-intent keywords can perform their own tricks. During the different stages of a marketing funnel, you will need to prioritize your keywords. Keywords with multi-intent will help you with the conversion metrics at each stage.


Do you wish to reconnect with the audience that had once upon a time visited your site but somehow are lost right now? Get the help of the following re-marketing tips: 

Dynamic re-marketing: Ads that include products that have been viewed previously is what dynamic remarketing is all about! 70% of the audience who add a product to their cart end up leaving the purchase funnel without buying it. Dynamic re-marketing is showing an ad about the product that they have recently viewed. Bidding on the base of these timeframes can help you win your customers back. (Target those audiences who have recently viewed your product)

How about linking your Ads account with Google Play? The cherry of this cake is that you will automatically get connected to the re-marketing list published by Play Developer account. You save your time from setting up a different re-marketing tab and also get the benefits of remarketing by getting an engagement link from the users of the app. 

You can try to increase your market by providing complementary products along with your main product. For example, if someone has purchased headphones, chances are the next product they will look for is a case for headphones. So the page can display an ad for a headphone case. Go on and just re-target!


In order to get maximum conversions, you need to match the content of your landing page with your ad.  Being inefficient at this stage will result in losing potential conversions and degrading your google rank. Keeping a balance between the experience that your ads and landing page provide and making it consistent is known as maintaining an ad scent. Easy navigation, impactful CTA, transparent information are some of the factors that determine the experience of your landing page. 

Keeping multiple versions of your landing page will be helpful. You cannot provide the same experience to the audience of India as that of the audience of the UK because both these audiences have different priorities. You cannot give the same experience to the low budget audience as compared to the high budget audience. Hence creating multiple versions based on needs, location, priority can be helpful.

How about using the “time machine”? Mention a few hours left for receiving a benefit (in the form of coupons, discounts, gifts etc) in order to create a sense of urgency. This is an important part post the purchase phase. This will ensure maximum audience engagement and leaves an impactful impression on the audience. 

Instead of having an impactful call to actions you can add an impactful call to values. Call to values is an action that has a value attached to it. If I am a fund advisor, an effective call to value for my landing page can be “ Learn my trading strategies”. Thus call to value gives a reason to the audience on why should the audience move forward with this action. 


So are you thinking that how to defeat your competitors’ informative and clickable ads? How can you be different? Extensions improve your ad performance. No doubt about that but how to think outside the box? 

How about trying the Price extension? Price extension allows you to advertise the associated cost of a product along with the rest of your ad. Price extension appears below the description of your product and is really useful for lead generation. If you are aiming at introducing your business to new prospectus you can try price extension to improve the rate of your conversions. Zero dollar price extensions can really turn the heads and add value to your brand. It is like merely providing free options with the help of price extensions. In order to add value to the brand equity and bringing more faces to your brand, you can definitely try this!

Since most of us spend our time with our mobile phones, how about using message extensions as a lead generating tool? With the help of the message extension, they can directly reach you with the help of a message on won’t have to spend their time over a phone call. Instead of navigating through the entire website, you can allocate a separate message extension in order to personally solve their queries, take note of their interests and much more. Though you cannot keep a track on these prospects but if a lead texts you through Adwords ad, you have an immediate conversion. Personalisation always helps, always!


If you really want to have a successful Ads experience to be successful, you will have to continuously test them. All these tricks depend on your audience but if you closely monitor the effects of each of these tricks, bringing a minor change here and there will definitely give you definite results. 

 These are some tried and tested ways wherein you can flare up the rate of your visibility and get more number of clicks for your website. 1into2 actively uses Google Ads as a platform (https://1into2.com/google-ads/) to deliver a smooth landing page experience. In order to get maximum utility, these efforts will drive you to a guaranteed amount of results! We ain’t bluffing.

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