Everything you need to know about Google Seller Ratings

  • July 11, 2020

Have you ever wondered why does your Google Ads campaign not perform up to the mark? Even after you created compelling ads, decided an efficient bidding strategy and a well-optimized landing page, nothing works? Google Seller Rating maybe your point of rescue here. Google Seller Ranking might help you get more clicks eventually leading you to more sales. 

What are Google Seller Ratings?

Google Seller Ratings are the stars that appear under a listing for paid search ads. It is calculated on the basis of customer reviews. In addition to this, other metrics such as delivery time, stock add up to the ratings. 

Benefits of Google Seller Ratings

  • It helps to create a good reputation, making the company reliable.
  • Increases an ad’s click-through-rates.
  • Gains qualified leads. 

How to get Google Star Ratings?

We all know that the audience will trust the website with a star rating rather than any other websites. These ratings get you the traffic that is desired for your website. It is advisable to keep in mind that these ratings determine your value and makes you trustworthy. But how can you get these star-ratings?  There can be three ways to get star ratings for your search results.

1. Branded Local Searches

The easiest way to get star ratings for your Google search result is through Google reviews. The more reviews you have on your Google account, the higher chances are for you to get a valuable star rating. You need at least five reviews before showing your ratings. You can come up by asking your customers to leave feedback for you. Highlighting your customers will leave a good impression on these customers as well!

2. Organic searches. 

You can even get a sure-shot impact is through organic review markup code. By adding this language to your product page will add some stars for you. This is the most beneficial way for eCommerce websites. 

3. Paid search stars. 

Google has automated the entire process for your stars to appear on the Google search result page. Google uses specific third-party review sites as a means to determine your star-ratings. What are the requirements for these? In order to be eligible to have a hold of a seller rating status, you’ll need to collect 100 quality reviews. There are instances when just having star ratings is not enough. You must have quality reviews to have valuable insight. The reviews need to be collected for the country to which the ad campaign is targeted within a time period of 12 months with an average score of 3.5 out of 5. 

Try these steps to get your Google Seller Ratings. Sometimes, even after carefully following these steps, your review snippet won’t show up. Scroll to know why?

Why did your Google review snippet go missing?

Some of the most common reasons for your review snippet to go missing are:

  • Your website hasn’t been indexed by Google search engine.
  • Configuration of the data is incorrect. 
  • You have used several markup languages. 
  • The type of content that you have used isn’t approved by Google.
  • Your website has just a few pages. 

Correction of such mistakes might bring your review snippet back to its place. Sometimes, you even need to wait patiently – Googles doesn’t detect marked-up content right away. 


Star ratings make your website distinguish itself from the rest of the Google search results. This is your source to get a large amount of traffic. While optimizing, this becomes the most crucial SEO factor. 1into2 will guide you to serve all these factors and assures you to get your placement on the top of the Google search result page. 

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