SEO Trends that might hold you in good stead in 2021

  • November 11, 2020
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No matter how smart or trendy or creative your content is, your content will still not be ranked if you do not suffice to the S-+earch Engine Optimization(SEO) needs. It is every digital marketer’s job to make each and every little step towards making the SEO strategies compelling and effective. 

With the constant evolution in the SEO world, it becomes difficult to resist turning a blind eye to these constant updates in the SEO metrics. To have a top-ranking SEO performance, you have to beat a path to SEO’s door. 

Did you know? SEO drives 1000%+ than organic social media! This can only happen with timely search engine optimization. 

The upcoming year is the beginning of a new decade and with the new decade, 1into2 Digital expects some profound changes for Search Engine Optimization services which you need to incorporate to win this game! Let us have a look at the SEO trends for 2021 that we are expecting to set. 

UX remains on the priority list

If you haven’t started working upon the UX, now is the time to put a belt on your pants! Let us tell you why?

User-centric matrix is the key to get yourself ranked in 2021. Delivering a smooth user experience on your website has become the core of Search engine rankings. Core Web Vitals which is a subset of factors that affects Google’s  “Page Experience” Score mentions about a smooth experience. 

This is a major hint by Google towards its emphasis on smooth user experience. Easy to access and navigate the site, prevention of errors, using minimalist design all sums up to the user experience metrics for you. 

Pull through Google Search Console and get your Core Website Vitals report right away! 

What should you focus upon? 

  • The loading speed of your website.
  • Make your site responsive to all devices and platforms. 
  • Remove all the pop-ups.

Remember, your focus is to avoid getting a poor score for your UX report. A good UX score will definitely increase your chances of going to the top!   

 Getting listed on Google My business should your goal

If you have a restaurant and you want your website to start ranking, head off to Google My Business. The location-built premise is the key focus of Google and that might be the key focus for SEO in 2021. 

The physical location of your business will only end up being listed on Google My Business if there is engagement along with proper local search experiences. How can you go ahead?

Well, this is an important part of zero-clicks. So, if you are planning to take your business to that local neighbourhood, sign in to Google My Business and start creating a stronger profile with necessary backlinks. 

The king (Content) remains in power

We all know that quality content is important for search rankings. And if you are still googling “quality”, we request you to refer to the E-A-T principle. If your content has the elements of being Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthy, you can have a sigh of relief. 

How do you ensure that your content will meet the SEO needs of 2021?

  • Buyer’s persona is what you need to determine what satisfies your clients.
  • Search Intent Research will help you determine the customer’s journey.
  • The quick webinar, Tutorial, video – Choose from any of the formats.
  • Backlink your content.

And that’s it! You have outnumbered all the E-A-T criteria and you are good to go!

Say it for the Snippets

Zero-search queries have received the attention of all the users since the beginning. This means that you won’t necessarily have to generate long content to rank on the top. 

Not only do you get to rank on the first page, but your chances of generating leads are also very high. All you need to do is give information. Be it a how-to guide, bulletins, or any other form. 

This “one-stop” search experience will continue to remain in limelight. Google has started taking little steps by featured snippets, video carousels and as if that was not enough, Google now has eCommerce Carousels. These carousels will help the customers compare other products, rates, reviews and will save the customers from unnecessary scrolling. 

This is a clear indication of keeping snippets in mind for SEO. 

Search intent matters

Consumer’s thought process is what Google is taking into consideration. Writing content that matches the needs of the customers has become a necessary part. Until now the focus was on the primary keywords only. We have now started focusing on secondary keywords. 

For those who don’t know what is primary and secondary keywords – here’s a quick explanation.

If you are looking for a restaurant and if you type ‘restaurant” that becomes a primary keyword but “restaurants near me”, “restaurants in Delhi” becomes a secondary keyword. 

The SEO professionals have now turned their blinders off the primary words and have shifted it to both – primary and secondary. Semantic search is expected to take a rail in the future. 

With this, Google is focusing on query context and is trying to dissect the user’s intent to reach to particular content. 

What can you do? First of all, you have to keep in mind that you are writing for people and not bots. So, use structured data to answer your audience’s query and optimize it. 


1into2 Digital suggests you to incorporate these upcoming trends for your website and you will note a major difference in with the audience response. You will not only start getting more clicks but there will be a major growth in generating leads! So improve your ranking with these SEO trends.

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