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  • April 23, 2020
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Do you recall using Snapchat for filtered photos, uninterrupted streaks, and memories? How about using Snapchat as a business tool? Well, a true entrepreneur has a thirst for business opportunities and you must try this one. If you are willing to explore your market with a different set of audiences ( audience not limited to statistics) then Snapchat is one such platform you can ponder upon.

Want to take a risk and explore the business markets? HALLELUJAH!! Beat the bush with Snapchat. 


Snapchat advertising is an advertising platform on social media advertising which provides advertisements in order to spread awareness about the product to its users. Advertising goals are set based upon which ads are created in Snapchat Ad Manager.

Why Snapchat ads? 

1. You can reach a massive audience:

 Well, if you can use one platform to reach a large audience why would you miss the opportunity? More number of active users-wider our audience! Snapchat had 210 million daily active users in Q3 of 2019. Set yourself to put the best move forward!

2. Quick connect to the youth. 

 90% of the Snapchat users age 13 to 24 and 75% of its users’ age 13 to 34 years which gives you an opportunity to build a quick connection. Continuous observation on the trends on such platforms will help you fuel up with the content that gets you the right audience!

3. Track the customers. 

Snap Pixel helps you keep a track of the customers. It lets you know about user interaction with the website so that you can keep a track of the impact of your ad.

4. Emerging as a Rockstone competition for other social media platforms.

Snapchat is providing competition to the other social media platforms like Facebook. Snapchat has more users than Twitter. Let us compare FB and Snapchat in order to get a brief idea about each platform. 


Snapchat Ad Manager is the tool to create Snapchat ads. It provides coherence to smoothen your task of displaying your business target. The Ads Manager allows you to have access to the following tools: 

  1. Where to create and monitor the campaigns? Go for Dashboard
  2. Stuck at where and how to edit video ads? Opt for Creative Library. 
  3. Where to select the target audience? Custom Audience is the key. 
  4. Confused and need some help? Ask Help Center. 

All you need is a business goal, target audience and access to Snapchat Ad Manager and BINGO!!  See and analyze your campaign in a go!


There are different types of Snapchat ads you can choose from in order to cater to your targeted goal.

  1. SNAP ADS: Snap Ads is the most common type of ad used in order to play an ad. Such kinds of ads generally appear between stories; be it people’s publicly posted stories or Snapchat originally curated Our Stories and run up to 10 seconds. 
  1. COLLECTION ADS: Such kinds of ads can be used when you wish to show different kinds of a product together as a “collection”. Since multiple ads are being displayed one can use this as a tool to introspect the impact of the product in the market.
  1. STORY ADS: This is a sponsored way of getting to the audience via the ‘Discover’ section of Snapchat. If you want to grab the attention of the audience this can be the easiest means because it catches hold of the audience for a short span of time. 
  1. SNAPCHAT SPONSORED LENSES: This is used in order to alter the face or the surroundings of the user and can be used to bring awareness during a specific holiday or a major event. It provides you with the option of creating filters to be used for your images or videos.

Undoubtedly, Snapchat is a tool for earning a quick buck. You just need to amalgamate your creativity to upload fancy posts with the right content for the audience and you will see your brand glitter the glaze of gold! 

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