Tangle With The Perfect Hashtags!

  • April 24, 2020

Decades before, the hashmark was just another symbol on your keyboard. The race began when Twitter bought a world wide twist by using hashtags as keywords. #HashtagGotItsLimelight

And then one by one other social media platforms joined the race and the rest is history. Further, the paparazzi got attracted to it when the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam Webster Dictionary gave their stamps of approval in 2014. #RecognitionIsTheKey.

A hashtag is a group of words followed by the pound sign which trades you to conversations, categories, and posts of the same topic. 

Why should you use it?

We can join the race by fitting our content with the help of this pound sign and be a part of the trends and conversations related to our business and get discovered. Hashtags are the simplest and the cheapest means to get your brand promoted. A cleverly curated hashtag can double up your online reputation. These are the magic words with which you can improve the sales of your business, get more clicks, get a more engaging audience – all in one shot!

And that’s not the end of the story. Besides building credibility, correct use increases the authority and helps you reach a larger audience. The larger the impact, the more the result. It creates a pathway to lead you to remove unnecessary competitors who used to create a negative impact, narrowing the reach to you. #MoreAndMoreProfits

Before further approaching the impact of hashtags on other platforms let me give you a brief about the do’s and dont’s about the correct usage of hashtags because #TheRightWillMakeAnImpact.

Use all the hashtags related to your business.  Use additional elements.
Keep your target audience in mind. Overdo it.
Use thought-provoking hashtags in order to get
an engaging audience. 
Elaborate it.  Shorter the hashtags,
longer its impact.
Follow the rules to get to places!Keep it random. It should be well researched


It is no secret that exploring social media platforms will lead to a more number of ventures. Investing in platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter helps you and your business in many ways. Starting from getting recognition, followed by enhancing brand value, increasing visibility, getting to know your target’s likes and dislikes – the list is endless. Depending on your business goals, you need to find creative ways to explore these platforms and use them in such a manner that it expands your brands. Hashtags are the easiest means to reach a specific target. Have an idea? Post it up, fit the right hashtags, and sit back and let the magic spell bring the best to you!

It also becomes necessary for a business to keep an eye on the competitors. An overall idea of the same helps you to understand what is the missing ingredient that you can use. It helps in knowing the audiences’ demands. But you must remember that there is a difference between hashtags on all of these platforms. For example,  Twitter is a hashtag heavier platform when compared to Instagram, and Instagram has a heavier platform than Facebook. So, the impact and reach on all these platforms will be different. 

1into2 gets it done right when it comes to choosing the right platform for you. Our content team knows the pros and cons of each platform and we creatively write content that will accelerate your performance on such platforms. #WeKnowItAll 

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