5 Winning Social Media Optimization Tips for you!

  • September 26, 2020
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Any social media strategy will be barking up the wrong tree without an efficient social media optimization. 

Whether you want to make a powerful impact, create awareness of your brand, generate leads, connect with the audience, you need to explore your realms by optimizing your social media strategy. 

A hardcore social media optimization plan will make your entire strategy effective and will uplift its impact and performance. 

We have curated some helpful social media optimization techniques for you. Use these to excel the impact and the results of your strategy. 


What’s the point of all the efforts for marketing if you cannot directly interact with your audience?

Social Media should not be used as a tool to merely post content. The interaction cannot be just once in a blue moon. 

Actively participating with the audience makes you an ardent part of the community. It leaves a good impression on the audience as well as help you get the limelight. Take McDonald’s as an example. McDonald’s actively interacts with its audience – be it while launching a new burger or while inviting the audiences. Take a look.

Before you ask how to go ahead with this strategy, here are some ways to go for it:

  • Create a Tweet List that will engage your audience.
  • Tag your followers. 
  • Go on with the comments section
  • Post backlinks everywhere
  • Host a giveaway

This will lead you towards a fruitful audience insight and better engagement and help you generate new ideas for your content. Trust us, it’s worth a shot!


The pound sign can actually help you reach the millions! Hashtags help your content reach the audience. Also, it does not require any sort of investment – apart from keeping an eye on each trend. 

The best way to come up with a hashtag strategy is by knowing your target audience and the impact of each platform that you are planning to use on your audience. But how can you come up with a right hashtag strategy? How do you know what’s best for you?

  • Learn the basics of Hashtags
  • Research about how many hashtags should you use (According to the suitable platform)
  • Use Hashtag tools to come up with the right hashtags.

If that seems like a simple process for you, just go for it! Become the highlight, create a personalised hashtag, reach the audience, engage with them and flare up your rate of success!


Did you know that 92.6% of the brands organise a giveaway contest! Offering such giveaways is one of the best ways to optimize your social media. What can be an easier way to get people’s virtual attention rather than a giveaway?

What sort of giveaway can you conduct?

  • Photo Contest
  • Hashtag Contest
  • Benefit Checklist
  • Reward Loyal customers

If you are willing to increase brand awareness, focus on customer loyalty and increase the engagement you just need to run a giveaway campaign!


The thumb rule for any type of growth is consistency. If you are willing to explore the realms of social media then you have to plunge into being consistent. Posting content for a week and then skipping months will be like digging your own grave. 

Before jumping to any decision, make a dedicated plant about your content. You can plan a weekly content or you can go for a detailed monthly plan. There are loads of apps available in the market that helps you remain consistent for your posts on social media platforms.  

But how much should you post? Well, look at this!


Constant monitoring of your social media campaigns becomes important. You can even make use of the analytical tools in order to keep a track of all the campaigns.

You can keep a note of likes, comments, impressions, reach and shares with the help of these tools. These track metrics help you understand the performance of your social media campaign strategy. What should you keep in mind while doing so?

  • If you intend to focus on awareness, look for volume, reach, exposure.
  • If you want to focus on engagement, look for comments, replies, reshare, active participation.
  • If you want to track the traffic, keep an eye on the clicks and conversions.

Determine such goals for yourself. Take actions around these goals and constantly monitor these goals.

Drive the results with the help of monitoring your campaigns. Drive more leads to your business and ultimately have a successful social media strategy!


Stop your social media marketing strategy go in vain by focusing on an efficient social media optimization plan. Use these tips and nail your social media marketing strategy!

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